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Pakistan Team excels, brings pride and honor in Minsk

Pakistan Team excels, brings pride and honor in Minsk

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Minsk, 22 June 2023 (TDI): The Pakistan Ambassador to Belarus, Sajjad Haider Khan, extended his heartfelt appreciation to the Pakistan team for their outstanding performance and commendable achievements at the UBS Pankration World Cup “Unity Cup,” held in Minsk on 17-18 June 2023.

The Pakistan team exhibited exceptional skills and unwavering dedication throughout the competition, securing the third position against fierce opponents worldwide. This impressive accomplishment illustrates the team’s tireless training and steadfast commitment to excellence.

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Amar Ali Moswan, Saad Ali, Muhammad Waqas, and Muhammad Ayaz emerged as true champions, exhibiting extraordinary prowess in the ring. Their remarkable performances garnered accolades and admiration from both spectators and fellow athletes.

Amar Ali Moswan, in particular, stood out as he was awarded the highly prestigious Best Fight Trophy and the emblem of bravery and brotherhood. His outstanding skill and sportsmanship have set a benchmark for aspiring athletes nationwide.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Belarus, Sajjad Haider Khan, was ecstatic with the team’s performance. He said it was an honor to witness the remarkable achievements of our talented athletes at the UBS Pankration World Cup ‘Unity Cup.’

Their excellent performance and unwavering passion have honored Pakistan and inspired athletes worldwide. He congratulated the team for exhibiting the utmost sportsmanship and teamwork.

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The Envoy further highlighted the team’s contribution to strengthening diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Belarus. At their meeting with the Ambassador, the Pakistan team was recognized for their accomplishments and honored for how they represented their country. Envoy Khan commended the squad players for being outstanding representatives of Pakistani sportsmanship and fostering harmony and unity with their extraordinary abilities.

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The Pakistan team’s success at the UBS Pankration World Cup “Unity Cup” is a source of motivation and inspiration for aspiring athletes nationwide. Their accomplishments demonstrate the potential and talent that exists within Pakistan’s sporting community.

The UBS Pankration World Cup “Unity Cup” provided an ideal platform for athletes from across the globe to come together, celebrate their shared passion for Pankration, and foster a sense of unity and camaraderie. The Pakistani team’s participation in this prestigious competition revealed their athletic ability and underlined the country’s devotion to encouraging sportsmanship, respect, and international collaboration.

As the Pakistan team goes home with their heads held high, the nation celebrates their incredible achievements and looks forward to their future endeavors. The team’s triumph in Minsk symbolizes inspiration and optimism for aspiring athletes, reiterating that goals can be achieved with determination, hard work, and unshakable dedication.

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