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Azerbaijan Embassy Pakistan Celebrates 105th Anniversary of Azerbaijani Armed Forces

Azerbaijan Embassy Pakistan Celebrates

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Islamabad, 23 June 2023 (WAI): The Embassy of Azerbaijan in Pakistan hosted a grand reception to commemorate the 105th Anniversary of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces.

The occasion brought together distinguished guests, including diplomats from Eurasian countries, including Kazakhstan’s Ambassador Yerzhan Kistafi, Turkish Envoy Mehmet Paçaci, Turkmenistan’s Ambassador, and the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Atadjan Movlamov, to highlight the region’s solidarity and collaboration.

Ambassador Khazar Farhadov expressed his pride at the anniversary of establishing the Azerbaijan Armed Forces, underlining the National Army’s crowning achievement- the incredible victory gained during the Patriotic War, also known as the Karabakh triumph.

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Envoy Farhadov reflected on the significance of June 26, 1918, noting the formation of the Combined Azerbaijan Corps, the first regular military unit, by a decision of the Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. On August 1, 1918, the Azerbaijani government founded the Ministry of Defense to raise a force of 25,000 soldiers.

The Diplomat acknowledged President Ilham Aliyev for leading the strategic development of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. He underlined that through efficient army-building strategies, the military’s professionalism has been boosted, troops’ fighting spirit and psychological training have been upgraded, and the Armed Forces have been outfitted with sophisticated weapons and equipment.

Farhadov also noted the magnificent 44-day Patriotic War of 2020, commanded by Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev, which rescued Azerbaijani territories from Armenian dominance. He proudly remarked that this victory is unprecedented in Azerbaijan’s centuries-long history.

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As the Ambassador for Azerbaijan, Farhadov spoke highly of the growing military and defense ties between his country and Pakistan. He stated that the successful visit of Pakistan’s Prime Minister to Azerbaijan demonstrated the two countries’ strong ties. Trade and investment, energy cooperation, partnerships in the defense industry, direct flights, and other significant subjects were all discussed during the visit. He also promised that these projects to strengthen ties between the two countries will be implemented soon.

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Colonel Mehman Novruzov, Azerbaijan’s Defense Attaché in Pakistan, lauded the Azerbaijan Armed Forces for their incredible fortitude, unyielding determination, and steadfast commitment to defending the security and sovereignty of Azerbaijan. He cited that the Armed Forces have fought valiantly against various security threats since their founding on June 26, 1918.

Colonel Novruzov also stated that the Azerbaijani Army’s combat operations, particularly the Shusha operation, are now being studied in famous military academies worldwide.

The 105th-anniversary celebration of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces honored their distinguished past. Furthermore, it highlighted the centuries-old ties and beneficial alliance with Azerbaijan with other Asian countries. The occasion reinforced Azerbaijan’s steadfast dedication to regional and international security, prosperity, and peace.


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