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Pakistan Consulate General exhibits rich heritage at IFest 2023

CG Tariq Karim, Consul General of Pakistan in Chicago at IFest 2023

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Chicago, 17 July 2023 (WAI): The Pakistan Consulate General Chicago enthusiastically represented the country in the prestigious Bolingbrook International Festival (IFest) 2023 in the United States (US).

The Pakistan Pavilion’s captivating exhibition enthralled guests with its excellent presentation of arts and culture, delicate handicrafts, and the internationally renowned Chaunsa mangoes from Pakistan. This occasion acted as a forum to advance cultural diplomacy and strengthen ties between Pakistan and the local populace.

The Pakistan Pavilion stood out as a symbol of the nation’s diverse artistic and cultural history. The pavilion immersed guests in the enchanted world of Pakistani craft with its ornate tapestries, brilliant colors, and traditional patterns.

Visitors marveled at the elaborate designs and extraordinary ability of masters of ancient arts like woodworking, needlework, and pottery.

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The Pakistani Chaunsa mango, representing the “Mango diplomacy” diplomatic strategy, served as the display’s centerpiece. The Chaunsa mango, renowned for its fine flavor and enticing smell, serves as a delicious ambassador, enticing taste buds and creating goodwill between Pakistan and the United States.

Visitors were delighted to savor the delightful mangoes, which exploded with flavor and transported them to Pakistan’s verdant gardens.

CG Tariq Karim, Consul General of Pakistan in Chicago, highlighted Pakistan’s rich cultural tapestry. CG Tariq Karim emphasized the value of cultural diplomacy in creating understanding and camaraderie between nations in his persuasive speeches and lively dialogues.

His spirited defense of Pakistan’s cultural heritage struck a chord with the audience and encouraged a greater understanding of the country’s traditions and values.

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The Pakistani Pavilion also featured an enthralling display of Urdu calligraphy, an iconic art form that brilliantly combines words and aesthetics.

Visitors were impressed by the calligraphers’ deft calligraphy as they meticulously created complex Urdu characters (Haroof-e-Tahaji), bringing the word to life. This appealing art form served as a cultural bridge, emphasizing the universality of aesthetic and language expression.

The Embassy of Pakistan expresses deep gratitude to the organizers of Bolingbrook IFest 2023 for offering this fantastic opportunity to promote Pakistan’s colorful culture and traditions.

Pakistan hopes to deepen links, increase understanding, and foster long-term relationships with the people of Chicago and the United States through participating in events like these.


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