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Economic Diplomacy boosts Pakistan-Belarus trade relations

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Vitebsk, 17 July 2023 (WAI): During his visit to the Slavianski Bazaar Vitebsk, Ambassador Sajjad Haider Khan, representing Pakistan in Belarus, expressed his delight and appreciation for the participation of over ten Pakistani small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This event underscores the importance of economic diplomacy in strengthening Pakistan-Belarus bilateral trade relations.

The presence of Pakistani entrepreneurs at Slavianski Bazaar Vitebsk exemplifies the two nations’ developing trading connections. In addition to exchanging business concepts, the exhibition enables SMEs to network with their Belarusian counterparts and promote their goods and services.

Envoy Khan praised Pakistani traders for their entrepreneurial drive and commitment to broadening trade frontiers. He stated that these SMEs are essential in encouraging economic growth and creating job opportunities in Pakistan and overseas.

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Engaging in international events like Slavianski Bazaar Vitebsk helps Pakistani traders increase the visibility of their products and contribute to the diversification of bilateral trade. This trade show acts as a springboard for investigating potential new areas of collaboration in several industries, including textiles, handicrafts, food goods, and more.

Under its framework for economic diplomacy, the Government of Pakistan is dedicated to assisting its SME sector and facilitating its participation in global trade fairs. Ambassador Khan assured Pakistani traders of his unwavering support and advised them to seize this chance to establish long-term business relationships and explore opportunities for mutual progress.

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The bilateral trade volume between Pakistan and Belarus has gradually grown in recent years. The assistance of the Pakistan Embassy to Slavianski Bazaar Vitebsk enhances commercial links between the two nations and underlines Pakistan’s devotion to building trade relations with Belarus.

The Pakistani traders expressed their appreciation to Ambassador Khan for his visit and the assistance the Pakistan Embassy in Belarus offered. They emphasized the enormous potential for future cooperation and their dedication to providing the Belarusian market with high-quality goods and services.

The presence of Pakistani SMEs in Slavianski Bazaar Vitebsk illustrates the core objectives of economic diplomacy, which are to advance trade, cultural exchange, and international understanding. Through such endeavors, Pakistan and Belarus continue to forge solid economic ties that open the door to a happy future.


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