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UN Geneva Welcomes Pakistani Mango Diplomacy

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Geneva, 7 July 2023 (WAI): Pakistani Ambassador Khalil Hashmi, with the Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the United Nations, hosted a spectacular Pakistan Mango Fest Reception at the United Nations headquarters. The event highlighted the famed Pakistani mangoes, offering distinguished visitors a pleasant experience of the “King of Fruits” and building and promoting successful, fruitful diplomacy through culinary excellence.

The reception featured an array of gastronomic delights, highlighting the unique flavors and fruity aroma of five premium varieties of Pakistani mangoes. Guests enjoyed savoring juicy slices and succulent cubes of these delectable fruits, providing a truly immersive introduction to the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan.

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The reception offered many mango-based drinks, including the refreshing Pakistani mango lassi, milkshake, salsa, and chutney, to complement the mango experience. Diners raved about how well every entree encapsulated the flavors and textures distinctive to Pakistani taste.

Ambassador Khalil Hashmi, a staunch advocate of promoting Pakistani mangoes on the international stage, emphasized fruit diplomacy’s role in bringing people together and breaking down barriers between cultures.

He noted that the mango is more than just a fruit in Pakistan; it reflects our pride, healthy soil heritage, and farmers’ resilience. We aim to strengthen international relations and draw attention to the superior quality of Pakistani mangoes by spreading the word about them worldwide through “mango diplomacy.”

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A diversified gathering of diplomats, UN employees, foreign dignitaries, and representatives from other nations attended the Pakistan Mango Fest reception at the UN in Geneva. The event was a forum for stimulating dialogue, cultural exchange, and friendship bridge-building.

Pakistan’s famous mango diplomacy has gained widespread recognition as an effective soft power tool, drawing attention to the country’s agricultural prowess and establishing Pakistan as a premier mango-producing nation. The diplomatic efforts to promote Pakistani mangoes have proven instrumental in enhancing bilateral trade relations, fostering economic cooperation, and strengthening people-to-people interactions.

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