Sea-guardian 2023 concluded in Karachi

Sea-guardian 2023 reaches climax

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Karachi, 18 November 2023 (WAI): The climax of the joint naval exercise, Sea Guardian-2023, intertwining the capabilities of the Pakistan Navy and the People’s Liberation Army (Navy), unfolded gracefully at the Pakistan Navy Dockyard in Karachi this Friday.

In attendance was Rear Admiral Liang Yang, the distinguished Commander of Qingdao Naval Base, who graced Pakistan with his visit. Engaging in substantive discussions, he conferred with Vice Admiral Muhammad Faisal Abbasi, who held esteemed positions as Commander of Coast and Commander of the Pakistan Fleet within the Pakistan Navy.

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In an expression of sincere appreciation at the commencement ceremony, Rear Admiral Liang Yang extended gratitude to the Pakistan Navy for hosting Exercise Sea Guardian.

He conveyed optimistic sentiments, expressing his aspirations for a collaborative and professionally enriching experience from this joint naval venture.

This week-long maritime endeavor, which commenced on November 11th, was orchestrated with the lofty goal of advancing maritime cooperation and defense relations through the meticulous exchange of naval expertise between Pakistan and China.

The formidable Chinese naval fleet participating in the exercise comprised numerous units, including naval ships, submarines, rescue vessels, and a detachment from the esteemed Marine Corps.

Sea Guardian-2023 unfolded its strategic theater in the north Arabian Sea, setting the stage for sophisticated military drills.

Frontline destroyers, frigates, aerial assets, and Marines and Special Forces from the Pakistan Navy and the People’s Liberation Army (Navy) engaged in intricately designed joint drills and naval maneuvers.

The harbor phase, interspersed with professional and social activities, added a multifaceted dimension to the exercise.

The underlying purpose of the bilateral naval drill, Sea Guardian-2023, transcended beyond conventional boundaries.

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It sought to facilitate the exchange of professional experiences about contemporary threats, both traditional and non-traditional, prevalent in the Indian Ocean Region.

Concurrently, the exercise aimed to fortify bilateral cooperation and interoperability, fostering a synergistic relationship between the naval forces of Pakistan and China.

As the curtains fell on Sea Guardian-2023, the closing ceremony was a poignant testament to the robust bilateral military cooperation between the Pakistan Navy and the Chinese Navy.

It stood as a harbinger of deeper collaboration on the horizon, signifying a promising step towards greater naval cooperation between the two nations. The ceremony drew attendance from a distinguished gathering of military officials representing both naval forces.

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