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Pharma diplomacy strengthens Pakistan-Kenya relations

Pharmaceutical Industry Representatives from Pakistan and Kenya

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Nairobi, 26 June 2023 (WAI): The Pakistan High Commission organized a significant event that brought together more than 50 Pakistani and Kenyan pharma industry experts. The evening was a smashing success in bringing the two countries closer together, featuring an engaging speech from High Commissioner Saqlain Syeda and a vibrant presentation showcasing the potential of Pakistan’s pharmaceutical industry.

The event at a prestigious venue offered a forum for industry experts to engage in fruitful talks, exchange views, and explore potential collaborations. In her inspiring speech, High Commissioner Saqlain Syedah stressed the importance of bilateral cooperation in the pharmaceutical industry and the enormous potential for mutually beneficial partnerships between Pakistan and Kenya.

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The engaging presentation highlighted the accomplishments and developments of Pakistan’s pharmaceutical sector while exhibiting its strong infrastructure, state-of-the-art research and development, and dedication to quality. The industry’s tremendous contributions to healthcare innovation and its potential to address urgent global health concerns captivated the participants.

The experts engaged in vibrant discussions throughout the session, examining prospects for joint ventures, technology transfers, and data sharing. The delegates noted the complementary characteristics of the pharmaceutical industries in Pakistan and Kenya and  the possibilities for cooperation in research, manufacture, and distribution.

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The evening’s vibe was perfect for making new business contacts and expanding existing ones. The participants highlighted their excitement and confidence about the possible relationships that may be formed between Pakistani and Kenyan pharmaceutical companies, with the shared goal of increasing access to inexpensive and high-quality healthcare solutions.

The High Commissioner’s effort in arranging this event indicates its eagerness to promote closer bilateral connections and open economic growth and development doors. The meeting sparked conversation, opening the door for deeper collaboration and sharing of expertise between the pharmaceutical sectors in Pakistan and Kenya.

The Pakistan High Commission hopes to encourage continued contact and collaboration between industry stakeholders in both countries, enhance the pharmaceutical sector, and contribute to the broad improvement of healthcare in Pakistan and Kenya.

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