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Pakistani Ambassador Awarded ‘Golden Laurel Branch’ for Diplomacy

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Sofia, 23 August 2023 (WAI): Ambassador Mariam Madiha Aftab, the acclaimed Pakistani Ambassador to Bulgaria, received the prestigious “Golden Laurel Branch” award as a spectacular acknowledgment of her outstanding diplomatic accomplishments.

The award, granted by Maria Gabriel, Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister, at a ceremony on August 21, 2023, recognizes Ambassador Aftab’s extraordinary efforts in reinforcing and developing bilateral ties between Pakistan and Bulgaria during her tenure.

Tihomir Stoytchev, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Bulgaria, presented Ambassador Aftab with the prestigious “Golden Laurel Branch” award, the highest honor bestowed by the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ceremony, held in Sofia, Bulgaria, was attended by officials from both countries, emphasizing the importance of the Ambassador’s exceptional achievements.

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As Pakistan’s Ambassador to Bulgaria, Ambassador Aftab has worked tirelessly to take the two nations’ ties to new heights. His term has been distinguished by unshakable dedication, astute diplomacy, and relentless efforts. Her creative leadership has resulted in many collaborative projects, ranging from cultural exchanges to trade alliances, that have not only reinforced the diplomatic tie but also opened up new channels for cooperation.

Under her skilled leadership, both countries have made great strides in several areas, including trade, education, and cultural understanding. The ‘Golden Laurel Branch’ honor, which recognizes Ambassador Aftab for her outstanding efforts, emphasizes her significant contribution to international relations.

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Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Maria Gabriel praised Ambassador Aftab as an extraordinary diplomat and her continuous dedication to establishing friendly relations. She noted Ambassador Aftab’s crucial role in developing cooperation and advancing both nations’ mutual understanding.

The “Golden Laurel Branch” honor highlights diplomacy’s critical position in establishing lasting relationships and molding international relations while also honoring Ambassador Aftab’s outstanding accomplishments.

Ambassador Aftab’s tireless efforts and invaluable contributions have paved the road for closer ties between Pakistan and Bulgaria and serve as a model of diplomatic brilliance. The distinction given to her reflects the profound admiration and esteem both nations have for her crucial contribution to advancing diplomatic discourse.

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