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Pakistan-Ethiopia Collaboration Grows Stronger

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Islamabad, 30 July 2023 (WAI): Mian Atif Sharif, the newly appointed Ambassador-Designate to Ethiopia, met with Ambassador Jemal Beker at the Ethiopian Embassy in Islamabad. The discussion focused on bolstering and enhancing the collaboration between Ethiopia and Pakistan, two nations united by long-standing fraternal connections.

During the meeting, the two Ambassadors pledged to continue developing the already blossoming ties between Pakistan and Ethiopia. They discussed various subjects, highlighting significant areas of cooperation and establishing priorities to increase collaboration in numerous industries.

Economic cooperation was a significant aspect of the discussion. Both ambassadors noted that there might be more chances for investment and trade between the two countries. They stressed the need to investigate underutilized industries and stimulate private sector involvement to boost economic growth and generate job opportunities in both nations.

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The officials also discussed ways to strengthen their cultural and academic relations. They recognized the value of fostering scholarly collaborations and cultural events that can help people better understand one another’s histories, customs, and values. By fortifying these connections, the peoples of Pakistan and Ethiopia will form enduring linkages that will promote understanding and friendship.

The diplomats noted the challenges faced by worldwide and regional threats in the realms of security and defense. They affirmed their dedication to collaborating closely in intelligence sharing, counterterrorism initiatives, and capacity building to protect both countries and the wider region.

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Furthermore, both Envoys investigated potential areas of collaboration in agricultural and food security. Both nations can benefit from each other’s expertise in this field to increase agricultural productivity and address food shortages.

As Ambassador-Designate to Ethiopia, Mian Atif Sharif expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome and reiterated his commitment to strengthening relations between the two fraternal countries. He conveyed Pakistan’s eagerness to expand on the two nations’ shared history and values, emphasizing the need for mutual respect and cooperation in accomplishing shared goals.

The meeting between Ambassadors Mian Atif Sharif and Jemal Beker created the groundwork for Pakistan and Ethiopia to have a strong and successful alliance. Their dedication to strengthening bilateral, regional, and international collaboration charts a promising road for the future and promotes growth and advancement for all involved.

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