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Pakistan Embassy brings mangoes delight to Japan and Sweden

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Islamabad, 26 June 2023 (WAI): Pakistan’s iconic mangoes are set to tantalize the taste buds of fruit enthusiasts in Japan and Sweden as the export of this luscious fruit continues to soar to new heights.

With a rapidly growing demand, the Pakistani Embassy in Japan and Sweden has proudly announced the arrival of the highly anticipated mango season, offering a delightful and culturally significant token of goodwill to these nations.

In Japan, Ambassador Raza Bashir Tarar recently collaborated with Ken Theriault, MD of Costco Japan, to celebrate and inaugurate a significant tasting event for Pakistani mangoes in Kisarazu, Chiba.

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This auspicious occasion marked the remarkable growth of mango exports from Pakistan to Japan, which has surpassed a staggering 200% over the past three years. With the upcoming season expected to set yet another record, it is evident that Pakistani mangoes have captured the hearts of Japanese consumers with their unparalleled flavor and quality.

Renowned for their rich, succulent taste and exquisite aroma, Pakistani mangoes have become a sought-after delicacy in Japan. The dedication of Pakistani farmers, coupled with the nation’s favorable climate and fertile lands, has produced mangoes that consistently meet stringent international standards.

As a result, Japanese markets have been flooded with an abundance of delectable varieties, including the popular Sindhri mango, which has gained a dedicated following among fruit connoisseurs.

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The Pakistani Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden, has also joined in the happiness, highlighting the arrival of the mango season amid the Midsummer celebrations.

Midsummer, a time of joy and community in Sweden, has been made even more special by including Pakistan’s national fruit delicacy, the mango. Mangoes from Pakistan, renowned for their distinctive flavor and high nutritional content, have entered Swedish markets, providing people with a special and delightful treat.

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With its velvety texture, sweet flesh, and refreshing taste, the Sindhri mango has become a star attraction in Sweden markets. As a sign of cultural exchange and cordial relations, the Pakistani embassy encourages people to enjoy the mango season and the exquisite tastes of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s mango industry thrives as it caters to the increasing demand for delectable produce in global markets. The country’s mangoes have gained international recognition for their superior taste, quality, and distinctive varieties.

The Pakistani government, along with dedicated farmers and exporters, remains committed to further enhancing the global presence of this treasured fruit, ensuring its availability to mango enthusiasts across borders.

With the export of Pakistani mangoes experiencing exponential growth, it is evident that the world’s appetite for this tropical delight shows no signs of slowing down. As the mango season unfolds in Japan and Sweden, lovers of this succulent fruit are eagerly anticipating the arrival of each juicy bite, savoring the flavors that represent the best of Pakistan’s natural bounty.

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