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Pakistan Citrus Diplomacy blossoms in Tajikistan

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Dushanbe, 19 December 2023 (WAI): In celebrating cultural diplomacy, the Embassy of Pakistan in Tajikistan is delighted to invite the residents of Dushanbe to the “Pakistan Mandarin Showcase 2023.” This exciting event, scheduled for 6 PM on 21 December 2023, will take place at Siyoma Mall, a bustling hub in the heart of Dushanbe.

The event aims to showcase the rich flavors of Pakistani mandarin oranges, known for their exquisite taste and quality. Pakistan, renowned for its agricultural diversity, has been a significant exporter of citrus fruits, and this showcase serves as a testament to the country’s commitment to promoting cultural and economic ties with Tajikistan.

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The Siyoma Mall venue has been chosen to provide a vibrant and accessible setting for residents and visitors to experience Pakistani mandarins’ distinct tastes. This initiative aligns with the broader theme of “Oranges Diplomacy” adopted by Pakistan, emphasizing the diplomatic power of cultural exchange. The Embassy of Pakistan aims to foster goodwill and understanding between the people of Pakistan and Tajikistan through the shared joy of discovering and enjoying premium Pakistani mandarins.

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The event will be inaugurated by distinguished guests, including representatives from both Pakistani and Tajik communities, further strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation between the two nations.

The Embassy of Pakistan cordially invites Dushanbe people to join in tasting and celebrating the delicious tastes of Pakistani mandarins. This event promises an evening of cultural enrichment, delectable flavors, and the opportunity to participate in shared moments that bring our nations closer together.

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