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Pakistan-China diplomatic connections strengthen in Azerbaijan

Pakistan-China diplomatic connections strengthen in Azerbaijan

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Baku, 22 June 2023 (WAI): The Ambassador of Pakistan to Azerbaijan, Bilal Hayee, met with Envoy Guo Min of China to discuss matters of shared interest and reinforce the enduring bond between Pakistan and China. This meeting exemplifies both nations’ dedication to deepening their bilateral relationship, paving the way for enhanced cooperation and friendship in various spheres.

During the cordial exchange, Ambassador Hayee and Ambassador Guo engaged in constructive discussions concerning the multifaceted aspects of the Pakistan-China partnership. The esteemed diplomats emphasized the importance of maintaining strong diplomatic ties. They expressed their desire to explore new avenues for collaboration in trade, investment, culture, education, and people-to-people exchanges.

Envoy Hayee was appreciative of China’s everlasting friendship with Pakistan and its unwavering assistance. He recognized China’s significant contribution to Pakistan’s growth and consistent support on regional and global forums. He reiterated Pakistan’s allegiance to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and commended China’s objective of strengthening regional connectivity and economic prosperity.

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Diplomat Guo Min also emphasized the long-standing relationship between China and Pakistan. She complimented Pakistan’s efforts to foster regional peace and stability and underlined China’s commitment to further growing bilateral cooperation. Both representatives underscored their dedication to addressing regional challenges while advancing the region’s peace, strength, and development.

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Additionally, the session provided an opportunity to analyze regional dynamics and delve into ways to work together more closely in areas of shared interest. The ambassadors recognized the value of regular consultations in deepening their comprehension of regional affairs and sharing perspectives on substantial global concerns.

The Pakistan-China friendship has stood the test of time, and this meeting between Envoy Hayee and Ambassador Guo signifies the continuous commitment to enhance this relationship further. The two diplomats pledged to collaborate to explore new avenues of cooperation, facilitate people-to-people exchanges, and promote cultural understanding between the two nations.

As Pakistan and China move forward, they will continue to build upon the strong foundation of their friendship, forging even closer ties and achieving shared goals to benefit their people and the region.

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