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Pakistan and Kuwait officials cement bilateral ties

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Islamabad, 2 September 2023 (WAI): Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Jalil Abbas Jilani, and Kuwait’s Ambassador to Pakistan, Nassar Abdulrahman Almutairi, met in a crucial diplomatic exchange to discuss and reaffirm their countries’ steadfast commitment to fostering mutual friendship and cooperation. The meeting demonstrated Pakistan and Kuwait’s willingness to strengthen their ties across all industries.

During the diplomatic conversations, both officials acknowledged their appreciation for the two nations’ historically strong connections and emphasized their shared determination to take these relations to new heights. They looked into numerous collaboration prospects, particularly emphasizing economic, trade, and investment opportunities.

Improving economic connections was one of the main issues on the agenda. Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani and Ambassador Nassar Abdulrahman Almutairi stressed the need to promote commerce and investment between Pakistan and Kuwait. They identified the untapped potential in industries such as energy, agriculture, and infrastructure development, which could benefit both countries.

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In addition, the diplomats addressed ways to increase cultural and people-to-people contacts, emphasizing the importance of education and cultural programs in building greater understanding between Pakistan and Kuwait. They noted the need to promote more straightforward travel between the two countries, boosting tourism and encouraging greater citizen connection.

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Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani and Ambassador Nassar Abdulrahman Almutairi discussed various regional and global concerns during their conversation. They agreed to work closely together on these global concerns, demonstrating their countries’ shared commitment to international collaboration and responsibility.

The meeting between Kuwaiti Ambassador Nassar Abdulrahman Almutairi and Pakistani Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani was marked by a friendly and fruitful atmosphere, symbolic of the long-standing friendship between Pakistan and Kuwait.

A commitment to strengthening economic, cultural, and political connections for the benefit of both countries was a defining feature of the discussions. This diplomatic exchange illustrated the Pakistan-Kuwaiti relationship’s continued strength and vibrancy.

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