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Pakistan Ambassador’s Yangzhou Visit Sparks Promising Collaboration

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Yangzhou, 25 August 2023 (WAI): Yangzhou, known for its grand canal network and excellent water management system, hosted the World Canal Cities Forum 2023. Moin ul Haque, the Pakistan Ambassador to China, addressed the prestigious forum to inspire attendees to take substantial steps toward international cooperation.

Ambassador Haque captivated the audience with his speech, highlighting Pakistan’s historical and cultural water infrastructure and its desire to join the prestigious World Historic and Cultural Canal Cities Cooperation Organization (WCCO).

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Recognizing the attractiveness and significance of Yangzhou’s canal-centric urban development, Ambassador Haque commended the city’s fantastic progress. The Ambassador indicated a deep desire to strengthen bilateral ties by having Pakistan join the WCCO, which would increase the organization’s presence in Pakistan by allowing it to take advantage of the country’s magnificent canal system based on the majesty of the Indus River.

The Yangzhou Spokesperson tweeted in appreciation for Ambassador Haque’s insightful remarks that the picturesque environment of Yangzhou served as an appropriate backdrop for this innovative conversation. The municipal officials look forward to integrating more Pakistani cities into the WCCO fold as a tribute to the shared dedication to cultural preservation and urban growth.

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The Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government co-hosted the 16th World Canal Cities Forum. Over 600 people gathered, including ambassadors, international organizations, and professionals, to improve communication and collaboration among canal-related groups.

The event emphasized “Heritage Protection and Green Low-carbon Development,”  highlighting sustainable practices and supporting China’s cultural projects using canals. The forum included opening remarks, side forums, cultural performances, and trips to the China Grand Canal Museum.

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Ambassador Haque investigated the prospects for cooperation in renewable energy during a different engagement during his tour.

His visit to JA Solar in Yangzhou provided insights into its operational prowess, with the Ambassador communicating Pakistan’s emphasis on increasing the role of solar energy in its national energy balance. Recognizing Chinese firms’ prowess, Ambassador Haque recognized them as critical partners in Pakistan’s journey toward a sustainable energy future.

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The Yangzhou Spokesperson expressed their support for the promising cooperation between China and Pakistan while recognizing the fruitful discourse started by Ambassador Haque’s visit. Through mutually beneficial growth and exchange, this partnership has the potential to deepen the bonds between the two countries.

This visit lays the groundwork for a strong collaboration as China and Pakistan look to the future with shared objectives. Chinese canals and Pakistan’s rich cultural and historical mosaic set the backdrop for a new chapter of collaboration, promising prosperity, sustainability, and friendship.

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