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Pakistan Ambassador applauds Pakistani medical graduates in Kyrgyzstan

Ambassador of Pakistan and Pakistani medical graduates

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Kant City, 7 July 2023 (WAI): Hasan Ali Zaigham, the Pakistan Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, warmly celebrated the outstanding accomplishments of the 143 Pakistani medical students who graduated this year by attending the graduation ceremony of the Asian Medical Institute (ASMI).

Among 1,900 registered students, these talented graduates have proved their devotion, hard work, and commitment to excellence in their pursuit of medical education. The graduation ceremony was a memorable occasion to recognize the excellent achievements of these Pakistani students.

Ambassador Zaigham appreciated students’ dedication and emphasized their incredible contributions to medicine. He praised the graduates for their commitment to gaining the knowledge, abilities, and experience that will unquestionably have a long-lasting effect on Pakistan’s healthcare industry.

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In his speech, Ambassador Zaigham expressed his deepest congratulations to the graduates and their delighted parents, noting the tremendous support and encouragement they had given throughout their educational path.

He also stressed the significance of their achievements in building bilateral connections between Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan and growing the two countries’ friendship and collaboration.

The Ambassador additionally acknowledged the Asian Medical Institute for its high educational standards, cutting-edge facilities, and dedicated professors, all of which have played an essential part in molding the careers of these young medical professionals.

Envoy Zaigham urges the graduates to be persistent in their dedication to providing high-quality healthcare services, to be kind healers, and to positively impact their patients’ and communities’ lives as they begin their professional careers.

He commended the ASMI management for their ongoing efforts to provide quality education and equip students with the skills essential to flourish in the medical industry.

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ASMI’s Pakistani graduates excelled academically and demonstrated exceptional leadership, cultural understanding, and dedication to community service. At ASMI, their comprehensive growth reflects the institution’s commitment to developing well-rounded individuals capable of making meaningful contributions to society.

The accomplishment of these Pakistani medical graduates also highlights the remarkable aptitude and dedication of Pakistani students studying abroad. The Pakistan Embassy is incredibly proud of their achievements and is still dedicated to helping aspirant students fulfill their educational aspirations by giving them the assistance and opportunities they need.



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