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Jiao Zaidong appointed Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan

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Islamabad, 31 July 2023 (WAI): China appointed Jiao Zaidong as the next Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, a significant diplomatic move in the bilateral relations between the two friendly countries. Jiao Zaidong, currently the Chinese ambassador to Laos, brings a plethora of expertise and insight that will advance the strategic alliance between China and Pakistan.

The nomination of Jiao Zaidong comes after Nong Rong, a former Ambassador to Pakistan, was promoted to the prestigious position of Assistant Foreign Minister of China in February of this year. Nong Rong significantly strengthened mutual understanding and collaboration between the two nations throughout his stay in Pakistan, laying a solid basis for Ambassador Jiao to build on.

Jiao Zaidong, China’s new Ambassador to Pakistan, is expected to play a critical role in cementing the two countries’ long-standing friendship and all-weather cooperation. Ambassador Jiao’s nomination underscores China’s commitment to fostering this crucial alliance further. The two countries have a close relationship with similar values, interests, and respect.

Throughout his career, Ambassador Jiao has exhibited exceptional diplomatic abilities, a pleasant temperament, and a great awareness of the complexities of international relations. His extensive diplomatic expertise, along with his prior work in Southeast Asia as the Chinese envoy to Laos, puts him in a prime position to address the difficulties and embrace the potential of the Pakistan-China relationship.

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The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) remains a cornerstone of the two nations’ collaboration, boosting regional connectivity, economic development, and interpersonal contacts. Ambassador Jiao is anticipated to play an essential part in aiding the CPEC and seeking new paths of cooperation to realize its full potential.

The diplomatic mission of Ambassador Jiao in Pakistan will also concentrate on resolving international and regional issues of shared interest, encouraging cultural exchanges, and advancing international communication and understanding.

China has expressed confidence in Ambassador Jiao’s abilities to strengthen the two countries already strong bonds and contribute to regional and global stability. His selection demonstrates China’s commitment to sustaining cordial ties with Pakistan and emphasizes the importance China has on its relationships with its “Iron Brother.”


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