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Diplomatic meeting reinforces Pakistan-Azerbaijan fraternal bonds

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Islamabad, 1 September 2023 (WAI): Ambassador Khazar Farhadov, Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Pakistan, recently held a fruitful discussion with Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Jalil Abbas Jilani.

The high-level conference offered an essential forum for reviewing the present status of Azerbaijan-Pakistan bilateral relations, emphasizing the profound familial relationship that binds both nations and identifying possibilities to further these valued ties.

Ambassador Farhadov and Foreign Minister Jilani complimented Azerbaijan and Pakistan’s longstanding historical and cultural connections. The strong diplomatic and economic collaboration that characterizes the bilateral relationship has been made possible by these shared principles and historical ties.

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During the meeting, the two officials discussed many facets of the Azerbaijan-Pakistan collaboration, stressing their shared commitment to advancing cooperation in various spheres. They noted the significance of strengthening economic cooperation, looking into trade possibilities, and raising investments.

Both countries recognized the value of cross-cultural interactions, educational collaborations, and cultural activities in building a more profound understanding between their inhabitants.

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Foreign Minister Jilani expressed his appreciation, emphasizing Pakistan’s deep friendship with Azerbaijan as well as the country’s steadfast support for Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Ambassador Farhadov conveyed Azerbaijan’s appreciation for Pakistan’s continuous support during trying times in a spirit of friendship and unity.

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Foreign Minister Jilani and Ambassador Farhadov reaffirmed their commitment to enhancing diplomatic ties and expanding engagement on regional and global issues of mutual importance. They stressed the need for continuous interaction and collaboration to solve concerns like maintaining peace and safety in the region.

They also pledged to collaborate closely on agreed-upon goals, such as advancing regional peace, security, and prosperity. The two sides also committed to further deepening their cooperation in international fora.

The meeting between Ambassador Khazar Farhadov and Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani emphasized the unbreakable links of brotherhood between Azerbaijan and Pakistan. It demonstrated the nations’ commitment to fortifying their alliance and forging a more promising future for their citizens.


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