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World Health Day 2024 – My Health, My Right

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On this World Health Day, we reflect on the unparalleled value of good health. Spearheaded by the World Health Organization (WHO), this annual event celebrates physical, mental, and emotional well-being across the globe. The theme for this year, “My Health, My Right,” resonates deeply as we recognize that the right to health is increasingly under threat.

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Challenges Abound:

Diseases and Disasters: They loom large as causes of death and disability, affecting millions worldwide.

Conflicts: Devastating lives, conflicts cause death, pain, hunger, and psychological distress.

Climate Crisis: The burning of fossil fuels drives climate change, robbing us of our right to breathe clean air. Indoor and outdoor air pollution claims a life every 5 seconds.

Access to Health Services: While at least 140 countries recognize health as a human right in their constitutions, many fail to pass and implement laws ensuring access to health services. Shockingly, over half of the world’s population—4.5 billion people—were not fully covered by essential health services in 2021.

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Championing Our Rights: The theme “My Health, My Right” is a rallying cry. It champions the right of everyone, everywhere, to:

Quality Health Services: Access to medical care, education, and information.

Safe Drinking Water: A fundamental necessity for health.

Clean Air: Vital for respiratory well-being.

Good Nutrition: Essential for overall health.

Quality Housing: A cornerstone of well-being.

Decent Working Conditions: Ensuring health and dignity.

Freedom from Discrimination: A right we all deserve.

As we celebrate World Health Day, let us collectively strive for a healthier planet. Let us protect and promote health as an essential human right, ensuring that no one is left behind. Together, we can build a world where health truly belongs to all.

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