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Strengthening Pakistan-Iceland Ties in Climate Studies

Pakistan-Iceland Ties in Climate Studies

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Reykjavík, 27 June 2023 (WAI): The recent visit of Ambassador Saadia Qazi from the Pakistan Embassy in Norway to Iceland marks a significant step in the potential strengthening of ties between Pakistan and Iceland in the fields of geothermal, geological, and climate studies. The visit, facilitated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland, aimed to explore collaborative opportunities and learn from Iceland’s expertise in these areas.

One of the highlights of Ambassador Saadia Qazi’s visit was the exploration of Orka Náttúrunnar (ON), Iceland’s leading Geothermal Power company. Geothermal energy holds immense potential for Pakistan, given its favorable geological conditions. Iceland’s experience in harnessing geothermal energy can provide valuable insights and technical know-how to Pakistan, allowing sustainable and clean energy sources to be developed.

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Another remarkable aspect of the visit was the Ambassador’s visit to Carbfix, an innovative CO2 treatment center in Iceland. Carbfix has developed a groundbreaking mitigation technology that has garnered international attention. This technology removes CO2 from the air and permanently stores it underground as stone. CO2 is converted into CO3 solids using chemical reactions with metal elements in underground rocks through the water.

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The significance of this technology lies in its potential to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Pakistan, like many other countries, is facing the challenges posed by global warming and climate change. Exploring collaborations with Carbfix and other international institutions involved in similar research can offer Pakistan valuable insights and solutions to address these pressing issues.

The collaboration between Pakistan and Iceland in geothermal, geological, and climate studies holds immense promise. By leveraging Iceland’s expertise and innovative technologies, Pakistan can make significant strides in pursuing sustainable and clean energy sources. Additionally, knowledge sharing, and collaborative research efforts can aid in addressing climate change challenges and developing effective mitigation strategies.

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