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Slovenia recognizes Palestinian State, joins European Effort

Slovenia recognizes Palestinian State, joins European Effort

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Ljubljana, 30 May 2024 (WAI): The Slovenian government on Thursday decided to recognize the Palestinian state following the footsteps of Spain, Ireland, and Norway. This move seems to be part of a broader effort to coordinate with the countries who are not in favor of bombardment carried out by Israel in Gaza.

The October 7, 2023, watershed event pushed the Middle East into unending chaos. The Israelis retaliated with brute force initially. European countries were sympathetic to Israel even though leaders of different European countries visited their friends. However, after months of violence, pressure on Israel is mounting, and Israel is facing isolation.

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Even Western allies are shifting their policy towards the nation. The main reason behind this move is the Israeli bombing of innocent civilians, as, according to the Gaza health authority, more than 36000 people have been killed. During his conference address, the Prime Minister of Slovenia demanded the cessation of violence and hostility.

Before Slovenia, on May 28, 2024, Spain, Ireland, and Norway officially recognized Palestine, prompting an angry reaction from Israel. Another European country, Malta, is likely to follow this path. Moreover, Britain and Australia have said they are also considering recognition, but France said this is not the right time. Germany has denied the unilateral approach and decided to stand with the U.S.

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