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Palestine’s Deputy Head in Pakistan talks about Gaza confrontation

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Gaza, 17 October 2023 (WAI): Palestine’s Deputy Head in Pakistan, Nader Al-Turk, has painted a grim picture of the ongoing confrontation between Palestine and Israel, underscoring the severe implications of the latest battle.

His remarks shed light on the horrible conditions endured by Palestinian people in Gaza, particularly children and women.

Nader Al-Turk, Pakistan’s Deputy Head of Palestine, has condemned the crimes committed against Palestinian citizens in the Gaza Strip since October 7, 2023.

The 2.2-million-person population has been subjected to genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and mass punishment, according to Al-Turk.

The occupying troops use measures such as turning off critical utilities like power, water, food, medical supplies, gasoline, and gas, depriving Palestinians of their primary living conditions.

Alarming rumors point to a nefarious intent, with some media sites implying a plot to evacuate the Gaza Strip population to Egypt, maybe before the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons (“Gadam bombs”) to demolish Gaza forever.

This presents the danger of Palestinian refugees being displaced for the second time since 1948, with little hope of return.

In reaction to these atrocities, Al-Turk demands an end to double standards and a stop to support for the occupation’s crimes against humanity.

Under UN Resolution 194, he supported an end to aggression, demolishing the occupation, forming an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and facilitating the return of Palestinian refugees.

These steps, he claims, will break the gridlock and give hope to Palestinian and regional youth that the peace process can achieve justice, equality, freedom, and stability for everyone.

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Al-Turk emphasizes following international law, humanitarian law, and human rights values.

He calls on Islamic and Arab nations and worldwide champions for human rights, peace, and justice to work sensibly together to end the ongoing catastrophe. He thinks these steps are the only way to stop the cycle of violence and bloodshed and pave the road for a just and inclusive peace.

He ends with a sincere plea for the safety of the motherland, its people, and all humankind. During a dire humanitarian catastrophe, Nader Al-Turk’s statements emphasize the severity of the situation in Gaza and the necessity for rapid international action to confront this catastrophic humanitarian disaster.

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