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Pakistan’s UNAMA briefing on TTP & Afghan repatriation

Pakistan's UNAMA briefing on TTP & Afghan repatriation

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New York, 21 December 2023 (WAI): At the UNAMA briefing on Afghanistan for the UN Security Council, Ambassador Munir Akram, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN, noted that although the interim Afghan government has calmed the country, peace in Afghanistan remains a strategic priority for Pakistan.

During the Security Council briefing, Ambassador Akram described Kabul as a complex and long-lasting obstacle for Pakistan. He stated that the TTP, which was in charge of planning cross-border terrorist strikes against Pakistan, posed a danger to national security.

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It is evident that the TTP has received unrestricted permission to launch cross-border assaults against Pakistan’s border outposts and other infrastructure,” Munir Akram continued. “We hold concrete proof that our principal enemy backs the TTP.

The Ambassador also said that the premise for any process of interaction with the Afghan Interim Government should depend on its reaction to these terrorist groups.

We should also let how the Afghan Interim Government addresses significant issues raised by the international community, such as respect for human rights, political inclusion, and taking steps to eradicate terrorist organizations in Afghanistan, influence our engagement with them.

Concerning the armaments, the envoy stated that they undoubtedly come from the substantial stockpiles that foreign armies have left behind. But how did the TTP, a terrorist group that is on the list, obtain these weapons is the issue.

Pakistan wants a comprehensive inquiry by the UN, UNAMA, or another agency to find out how these weapons ended up in the hands of the TTP and to figure out how to get them back.

Additionally, he said that Pakistan is carrying out the Illegal Foreigners Repatriation Plan in the most humanitarian manner feasible. There is no forced return besides those Afghans with a criminal record.

In addition, he mentioned in his remarks that 98% of the more than 244,000 Afghans who left through the borders at Torkham and Chamman did so willingly.

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He noted that individuals with proof of registration and Afghan citizenship cards and those deemed vulnerable have all received exclusions.

The influx of such a high number of illegals has had a significant effect on Pakistan’s economy and employment market in addition to the security danger provided by the terrorist “sleeper cells.”

Many of these individuals are involved in drug trafficking, run real estate mafias, and commit other crimes. Additionally, he identified the about 60,000 Afghans who have been waiting for two years to be moved to third countries.

We strongly encourage these third nations to expedite receiving these individuals, as they have consented to do, to alleviate the load on Pakistan.

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