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Pakistan’s Caretaker Prime Minister visits Xinjiang University

Pakistan's caretaker PM visits Xinjiang university

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Urumqi, 21 October 2023 (WAI): Pakistan’s Caretaker Prime Minister, Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, visited Xinjiang University on October 20; Yao Qiang, the University’s President, and academic members welcomed him warmly.

Kakar traveled to China for the 3rd Belt and Road Forum. He addressed many distinguished academics, researchers, professors, and students.

He mentioned that his visit was an essential event in the long-standing ties of Pakistan and China.

Also, he reaffirmed his commitment to strengthening the Pakistan-China All-Weather Strategic Cooperative Partnership to foster mutual peace, prosperity, and development.

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The PM indicated an interest in collaborating with Xinjiang to boost connectivity. He also praised Xinjiang’s strategic importance as a CPEC boundary and part of the Silk Road. He pointed out the region’s historical role as a center of connectivity.

Infrastructure development, economic synergy, commerce and investment, agriculture, educational exchanges, science and technology, and people-to-people exchanges are a range of this.

“The two neighboring regions had the potential to build synergies for improving the livelihoods of their people,” he said to Xinjiang University’s faculty and students.

He remarked to increase business and tourism, “We would like to upgrade customs and other logistics services.”

He claimed that Pakistan wishes to send more students to China to study. He also mentioned that a group of fifteen Chinese tour operators had recently visited Pakistan and returned across the Sost Khunjerab border.

He said, “We want to establish a joint agricultural demonstration zone to introduce modern farming techniques and practices in Pakistan, and we want to learn from Xinjiang’s success in agricultural modernization.”

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Furthermore, he referred to Gwadar as a critical component of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). He also proposed using sister-city links to establish commercial ties with China’s Kashgar and Karamay.

The Prime Minister continued stating that Xinjiang was well-known for its rich cultural diversity and gracious hospitality. Pakistanis had a special place in their hearts for the region’s links to their homeland.

On top of that, he emphasized the Middle East’s condition and urged action to halt the terrible atrocities perpetrated against the Palestinian people.

He also visited Xinjiang University’s History Museum, where he was briefed on the University’s 99-year history.

During the ceremony, the Prime Minister talked with Chinese and Pakistani students, hoping they would serve as a bridge of peace and unity between their countries.

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