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Pakistan and UAE Ministers Meet at Nuclear Summit

Pakistan and UAE Ministers Meet at Nuclear Summit

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Brussels, 22 March 2024(WAI): Foreign Minister of Pakistan Mohammad Ishaq Dar and the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Almazrouel Suhail, convened on the sidelines of the Nuclear Energy Summit in Brussels. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan promptly shared a statement on social media app X, detailing the key points of the meeting.

The high-level discussion signifies the brotherly relations between the two nations. Trade and investment in renewable energy and transport sectors remained particular highlights of the discussion.

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As per the Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement, the two Ministers delved into the current state and potential of bilateral relations. They expressed a shared vision to bolster Pakistan-UAE relations, with a specific focus on trade and investment in the promising sectors of renewable energy and transport.

Foreign Minister Dar expressed optimism that the conclusion of the Pakistan-UAE Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) would pave the way for further enhancement of bilateral trade and investment cooperation.

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“The UAE Energy and Infrastructure Minister fondly recalled his visits to Pakistan and longstanding family ties with Pakistan. He underscored that the UAE would be a partner in development for Pakistan.” the statement reads.

Given Pakistan’s current economic challenges, this meeting assumes a significant role in the nation’s trajectory. Beyond fortifying bilateral relations, it holds substantial economic implications. The mutual commitment to collaborate in crucial sectors such as renewable energy, transportation, and trade augurs well for Pakistan’s future, promising a potential economic upturn.

Nuclear Energy Summit 2024

The first global Nuclear Summit took place in Brussels. The summit’s objective is to highlight nuclear energy’s significance in boosting economic development and enhancing energy security while reducing the use of fossil fuels. The summit serves as an extension of COP28, following the historic decision to include nuclear energy in the Global Stock-take. This development opens doors for Pakistan to explore nuclear energy as part of its clean energy strategy, alongside renewables like solar and wind.

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