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Pakistan and Iraq strengthen bilateral Oil Cooperation

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Baghdad, 15  January 202 (WAI): Ambassador Muhammad Zeeshan Ahmed of Pakistan engaged in a high-level meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Oil Hayan Abdul-Ghani in Iraq. The meeting underscored the growing bilateral ties between the two nations, mainly focusing on enhancing cooperation between their respective oil ministries.

The discussions centered on exploring avenues to strengthen collaboration in the crucial oil sector, reflecting the shared commitment to foster economic and strategic partnerships. Ambassador Ahmed and Deputy Prime Minister Abdul-Ghani exchanged insights on the current state of their oil industries, identifying areas where joint efforts could yield mutual benefits.

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Ambassador Ahmed emphasized the historical ties and common interests that bind Pakistan and Iraq, highlighting the potential for deeper cooperation in the oil and energy domain. The talks aimed at establishing frameworks for exchanging technical expertise, best practices, and technological advancements in the oil sector. Both nations were interested in facilitating knowledge transfer to optimize their oil production capabilities.

Furthermore, the meeting delved into potential investment opportunities and collaboration on oil exploration and production projects. The diplomats acknowledged the significance of stable and reliable energy sources for the economic growth of their nations, underscoring the need for sustained dialogue and cooperation in this critical sector.

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Ambassador Muhammad Zeeshan Ahmed conveyed Pakistan’s commitment to fostering robust diplomatic relations with Iraq, emphasizing the shared vision for a stable and prosperous region. The dialogue between the two nations reaffirmed the importance of diplomatic channels in addressing shared challenges and leveraging opportunities for mutual advancement.

As the meeting concluded, both sides expressed optimism about the prospects of increased cooperation in the oil industry, envisioning a strengthened partnership that would contribute to Pakistan and Iraq’s economic development and energy security. The discussions between Ambassador Muhammad Zeeshan Ahmed and Deputy Prime Minister Hayan Abdul-Ghani mark a significant step forward in the collaborative efforts between the two nations, setting the stage for a more integrated and mutually beneficial relationship.

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