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Pakistan Ambassador stresses urgency of UNSC reform for Global Equity


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New York, 14 December 2023 (WAI): Usman Jadoon, the Deputy Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations in New York, spoke during the Inter-Governmental Negotiations process regarding the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) issue.

As part of the Uniting for Agreement Group, Pakistan strives to develop an agreement on reform to make the UN Security Council genuinely democratic, the Ambassador said.

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According to the Ambassador, it is in every member state’s strategic interest to change the UNSC. A comprehensive reform that addresses the concerns of all member states—big, medium, and small—can achieve the objective.

Pakistan has brought attention to the need for broad reforms that would make the UNSC more responsible, transparent, democratic, and representative, he said.

With or without a veto, he emphasized in his statement that the Republic of Pakistan has opposed the increase of permanent membership in the UN Security Council.

The veto directly impacts the effectiveness of a reformed Security Council and the legitimacy of the UN, according to Ambassador Usman, who also stated that it is a vital component of the reform process.

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Growing the number of elected members of the UN Security Council is the most practical and efficient method of counteracting the veto power.

The Uniting for Consensus echoes this view since the veto of “a few” erodes the rights of others. As we have regrettably seen over and over, it renders the UN Security Council less democratic and effective.

The Ambassador concluded by saying that Uniting for Consensus, of which Pakistan is a member, thinks that its suggestion for forming further non-permanent seats, with fair geographical representation, occasionally elected to ensure transparency, is the best option when it comes to membership categories.

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