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Key insights from Ambassador Akram in UNSC open debate

Key insights from ambassador Akram in UNSC open debate

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New York, 21 November 2023 (WAI): On Tuesday, Ambassador Munir Akram of Pakistan’s Permanent Mission to the UN in New York participated in an open discussion of the UN Security Council.

The topic of discussion for the UN Security Council’s open debate was “Promoting Sustaining Peace through Common Development.”

The Ambassador stressed in his remarks the inextricable connection between peace and growth. He emphasized the urgent need to act to achieve a more equitable and balanced global development.

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He pointed out that hundreds of millions have been pulled out of poverty over the past eight decades because of trade, investment, planned and market-driven growth, and technical advancements.

Despite everything, we have not succeeded in advancing the Charter’s goal of prosperity for all the UN’s “peoples.”

He went on to say that the leading causes of many international wars are increasing levels of poverty and hunger, as well as the illicit exploitation of natural resources.

He said that the competition for limited resources, especially water, is getting more intense due to climate change and that this might increase hostilities.

No amount of prosperity will create peace when people are subjugated by foreign occupation, the representative commented, bringing up the issues of Palestine and Occupied Kashmir.

As is the case in Palestine and Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, in addition to violently denying them the right to self-determination.

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Additionally, Ambassador Akram emphasized the necessity of carrying out the promises and obligations in the SDG Summit’s Political Declaration.

Speaking on the Sustainable Development Goals one more time, he emphasized the importance of repurposing the unused SDRs and increasing grant and concessional development financing. Additionally, he emphasized a desire to reduce debt and create new SDRs related to development immediately.

A fair worldwide tax treaty and the cessation of illegal money flows were among the promises he made during the SDG Summit. Restore international commerce as a development engine and reform the global financial system.

He also urged mobilizing at least $1 trillion annually for sustainable infrastructure and fulfilling climate pledges.

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