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Israel committed Gaza War Crimes- UN Report

Israel Committed Gaza War Crimes- UN Report

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A UN inquiry commission has found Israel responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during military operations in Gaza since October 7, 2023. The Commission also found Palestinian armed groups responsible for war crimes in Israel.

Devastating Consequences

The conflict has resulted in immense suffering for both Palestinians and Israelis, with civilians bearing the brunt of the violence. The Commission emphasized that the attack on October 7 and Israel’s subsequent military operation in Gaza are not isolated incidents, but rather part of a larger cycle of violence.

Failure to Protect Civilians

Israeli authorities failed to protect civilians in southern Israel, including deploying sufficient security forces and evacuating civilians on October 7. The ‘Hannibal Directive’ was applied, resulting in the killing of at least 14 Israeli civilians. Forensic evidence was not systematically collected, undermining future judicial proceedings.

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War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

The Commission concluded that Israel committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and violations of international law in Gaza. The use of heavy weapons in densely populated areas constitutes an intentional attack on civilians, particularly women and children.


The Commission called on Israel to:

– End attacks on civilians in Gaza
– End the siege on Gaza
– Implement a ceasefire
– Provide reparations for destroyed property
– Ensure necessities reach the civilian population

The Commission also called on Palestine and Hamas to release all hostages and stop indiscriminate firing of rockets.

Presentation to Human Rights Council

The report will be presented to the Human Rights Council’s 56th session on June 19, 2024, in Geneva.

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