High-level dialogue in Africa on Democracy, Governance, and Human Rights

The 12th High-level dialogue in Africa concluded

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Addis Ababa, 7 October 2023 (WAI): The 12th High-Level Dialogue on Democracy, Governance, and Human Rights commenced on October 5. It concluded on October 6 in a rational conversation as a testimony to collaborative progress and growth.

Various representatives from the African Union (AU), local economic communities, civil societies, policymakers, development partners, the private sector, academia, media, and think tanks contributed to the thought-provoking talk.

Distinguished features and angles of governance and democracy were discussed. Also, ideas, strategies, and experiences were shared that played a vital role in the dialogue. To excel in understanding the challenges and potentials, points of view were delivered.

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While sculpturing nations and enabling them to foster thoughts, views, and deliberations play vital components, light was shed on the significance of engaging several stakeholders to design effective strategies and policies.

Participants from different sectors emphasized the need for collectiveness and collaboration between civil society, government bodies, and the private sector to get significant and valuable change. A harmonized and peaceful approach to addressing different concerns is vital.

The dialogue lately transformed towards the expanding directions of the media landscape and the role of media in building people’s narratives. The responsibility of media is sharing accurate and factual information and enhancing the norm of transparency and answerability was highlighted.

Also, academia and think tanks were applauded for their worthy research and collaboration. The role of both in providing accurate recommendations to apprise policymaking was also pointed out as vital.
Development partners were praised for their continuous efforts and support towards enhancing democracy and governance. Their collaboration in capacity-building and mobilization of resources was mentioned.

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The commitment of the private sector to practice the business, keeping in mind the ethics of this and corporate social responsibility, was applauded as a significant feature in promising growth and advancement. Also, the civil societies were acknowledged for their strong efforts in standing for minorities and underprivileged groups.

A commitment towards a democratic and advanced future was reaffirmed as the dialogue met the conclusion point. Furthermore, the significance of negotiations and efforts towards cruising tangled situations and complex challenges was highlighted.


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