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High Commissioner Visit to DG Immigration Office, Malaysia

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Putrajaya, 7 February 2024 (WAI): High Commissioner of Pakistan to Malaysia, Syed Ahsan Raza Shah, visited the office of Director General Immigration, Malaysia. DG Immigration, Dato Ruslin bin Jusoh, warmly welcomed the High Commissioner to the DG Immigration Office.

During the meeting, Ahsan Raza Shah raised the issues related to the immigration of Pakistani nationals to Malaysia. He also highlighted the problems of Pakistanis living in Malaysia over time and hoped that this visit would strengthen the ties between Pakistan and Malaysia.

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Deputy Head of Mission, Muhammad Adil, and Dr. Haseeb Shahbaz, as Counselor (Welfare), were along with the High Commissioner during the visit to the DG Immigration Office. While from the JIM, Norlizawaty binti Abdu Samad, Director of the Policy and Strategic Planning Division, and Mohd Jasmi bin Mohd Juwahir, Director of the Enforcement Division, attended the meeting.

DG Immigration, Dato Ruslin bin Jusoh informed the High Commissioner regarding the impending initiatives in the loop by the Immigration Office, Malaysia. The High Commissioner appreciated the diligent efforts of the Immigration Office, Malaysia.

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Both countries look forward to maintaining regular contact to make the immigration process smoother for their citizens.

Malaysian Delegates in 3rd Pakistan Engineering and Healthcare Show, Lahore

In addition, Pakistan and Malaysia hold strong bilateral relations, as their delegates participate and share their expertise in various fields. On February 6, High Commissioner Syed Ahsan Raza Shah graciously hosted a debriefing session for the Malaysian delegation that participated in the 3rd Pakistan Engineering and Healthcare Show held in Lahore, Pakistan.

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The meeting acknowledged the Malaysian delegates for their comprehensive insights into successful deals with Pakistani enterprises. During the session, the High Commissioner highlighted promising opportunities for enhancing the bilateral business relations. Ahsan Raza Shah shares Pakistan’s vision with the Malaysian delegates and expresses his gratitude regarding such fruitful events, emphasizing the importance of bilateral ties in advancing mutual interests.

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