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Dr. Liaqat Ali Shah highlights CPEC’s transformative impact

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Islamabad, 02 February 2024 (WAI): In an interview, Dr. Liaqat Ali Shah, Head of Policy CPEC at the Centre of Excellence for CPEC, emphasized the transformative impact of Chinese investment within the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), particularly in vital sectors such as power generation, railways, and highways, with a particular focus on underdeveloped regions.

He highlighted that Pakistan’s partnership with Chinese construction companies signifies a significant stride towards expediting infrastructure and real estate development, utilizing Chinese expertise and advanced construction techniques.

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Dr. Shah underlined the invaluable contributions of Chinese construction firms, enriched by their experiences in China’s rapid urbanization, in enhancing construction quality through efficient techniques. This collaboration not only adheres to global sustainable development goals but also promotes eco-friendly practices and the use of green materials, contributing significantly to climate action objectives.

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The partnership underscores the importance of nurturing a skilled construction workforce in Pakistan through tailored training programs. Despite challenges outlined in the SBP Annual Report 2023, which noted a contraction in the construction industry, the collaboration has engaged over 5,000 Chinese and 2,000 Pakistani engineers and workers across various CPEC projects.

Dr. Shah emphasized, “This collaboration is pivotal in ensuring the construction of durable infrastructure, especially in regions prone to natural disasters. By aligning with global sustainability goals and fostering knowledge-sharing initiatives, Pakistan and China are poised to achieve remarkable strides in infrastructure development and climate resilience.”

The joint efforts between Pakistan and Chinese construction companies promise accelerated development and signify a steadfast commitment to sustainable practices and inclusive growth, paving the way for a brighter future for both nations.

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