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China urges ceasefire to ensure Gaza safety

China urges ceasefire to ensure Gaza safety

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Beijing, 1 March 2024 (WAI): Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning reiterated the urgent need for the international community to prioritize a ceasefire and ensure the safety of civilians in Gaza during her routine briefing.

In response to a query regarding a proposal from Qatari mediators for Israel to pause its offensive in Gaza during the forthcoming Ramazan, Mao Ning underscored the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the region.

She expressed China’s strong support for diplomatic initiatives aimed at deescalating tensions and mitigating the crisis, emphasizing the imperative to cease hostilities immediately.

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“As the conflict persists, the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza continues to worsen. The international community must act now and channel all efforts towards securing a ceasefire and safeguarding civilians,” stated Mao Ning.

She stressed the importance of all parties involved taking proactive measures to avert civilian casualties and prevent worsening the already dire humanitarian plight. Mao Ning highlighted China’s commitment to supporting diplomatic endeavors conducive to de-escalation and alleviating the suffering of the civilian population.

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“We call on all involved parties to cease hostilities promptly, take every measure to prevent harm to innocent civilians, and avert the escalation of the humanitarian catastrophe,” she emphasized.

Mao Ning’s remarks come at a critical juncture of escalating violence in the region, with civilian casualties mounting and essential infrastructure being damaged. China reaffirms its commitment to promoting peace and stability in the Middle East and urges the international community to unite to resolve the conflict peacefully.

The Chinese Government acknowledges the efforts of Qatari mediators and encourages all stakeholders to engage constructively in dialogue to achieve a lasting ceasefire. It stands ready to contribute to initiatives to bring peace and stability to Gaza and the wider Middle East region.

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