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Bahrain welcomes Azerbaijan’s Deputy Foreign Minister for bilateral talks

Bahrain welcomes Azerbaijan's deputy foreign minister for bilateral talks

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Manama, 13 December 2023 (WAI): Yelchin Rafiyev, Azerbaijan’s Deputy Minister of International Affairs, visited Bahrain. Reports state that he met to discuss diplomatic matters with Bahrain’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa.

The officials commented on bilateral ties between the two governments, recent regional and global events, and international efforts to maintain peace and security.

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During the conversation, opinions on the current state and potential future developments of the relations between Bahrain and Azerbaijan were also covered.

The solid political connections between their two friendly governments and their determination to collaborate in other spheres were also emphasized by the deputy foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Bahrain.

During the discussion, both parties reportedly brought up the importance of primary diplomatic visits between Bahrain and Azerbaijan, which emphasized the need to fortify the regulatory accords’ framework.

During the discussion, both Azerbaijan’s and Bahrain’s undersecretaries expressed how satisfied they are with their cooperation with international organizations and how important it is to continue working together in this area.

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Following recognition of the great potential for cooperation in trade and economy, sources said that both sides decided to set up a conference between the representatives of the business organizations in the two nations as soon as possible.

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The 19th Regional Security Summit, also known as the Manama Dialogue 2023, was held in Bahrain from November 17 to 19, 2023. Following the dialogue, the deputy ministers of foreign affairs of Bahrain and Azerbaijan discussed regional issues and the meetings’ outcomes.

Mutual trade, culture, and energy collaboration are hallmarks of the strong diplomatic ties between Azerbaijan and Bahrain.

Both countries are dedicated to promoting regional stability and economic growth to improve bilateral ties and benefit both countries’ populations and the larger Middle East.

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