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Ambassador Shozab Abbas advances Pakistan-Mexico Relations

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The Pakistani Ambassador, Shozab Abbas, met with Ambassador Hermann of Instituto Matias Romero (IMR) on February 3. They discussed Pakistan and Mexico relations, including the advanced exchange of educational programs and the finalization of the MoU on Academic Cooperation between FSA and IMR.

Ambassador Shozab Abbas has been a Pakistani Ambassador to Mexico since July 2023. He also looks after four Latin & Central American countries: Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, and El Salvador.

Ambassador Abbas is determined to make and strengthen ties with Mexico and other Latin and Central American Countries. He hopes to establish closer and positive relations between Pakistan and these nations.

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Mexico and Pakistan have had diplomatic relations since January 1955. Pakistan opened its first embassy in Mexico City in May 1974. Mexico also opened its embassy in Islamabad in 2007, but due to some financial restraints, they closed the embassy in 2009. Mexico is accredited to Pakistan from its embassy in Tehran, Iran. In place of the embassy, they opened two honorary consulates in Karachi and Lahore.

In Pakistan and Mexico relations, several high-level visits between these countries are part of history. Among those visits at the top of the list include Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, who officially visited Mexico in December 2004 and met with Mexican President Vicente Fox. The Mexican Senate held a “Week of Pakistan” to celebrate 60 years of Pakistan and Mexico relations in September 2015.

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Pakistan and Mexico relations are friendly, and both nations have signed several bilateral agreements such as 2008 an Agreement on the Elimination of Visas for Diplomatic and Official Passport Holders, a Memorandum of Understanding between the Mexican Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food and the Pakistani Ministry of National Food Security and Research for the Exportation of Rice to Mexico in 2008 and in 2015 an Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation.

In Pakistan and Mexico, relations and trade also strengthen these ties and bonds stronger. In 2018, bilateral trade between Pakistan and Mexico reached US$269 million. Mexico’s main exports to Pakistan include plastic industrial tubes and automotive parts. Pakistan’s main exports to Mexico include textiles, long-grain rice, cotton, and surgical instruments. In 2021, Pakistan’s exports to Mexico reached $150 million.

The primary and top export to Mexico is medical instruments. In 2022, Pakistan’s Exports to Mexico were US$118.95 Million. Pakistan is Mexico’s 67th biggest global trading partner, while Mexico is Pakistan’s 49th biggest global trading partner, respectively.

In December 2023, Islamabad hosted a successful sixth round of Bilateral Political Consultations (BPC). It is another milestone between the Pakistan and Mexico relations. The Pakistan delegation comprises Ambassador Mariam Aftab, Additional Foreign Secretary (Americas), Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Mexican delegation was made up of Ambassador Jose Tripp Villanueva, Director General for Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East, at the Mexican Foreign Ministry.

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Both delegations discussed bilateral, multilateral, and regional relations in the BPC meeting. They also discussed diplomatic relations, the main topic of which was reopening the Mexican mission in Islamabad, Pakistan. In regional issues, they highlighted the matter of Afghanistan, Palestine, and the illegal occupation of Kashmir by India.

During the meeting, both teams committed to further strengthening the trade, agriculture, investment, science & technology, and people-to-people contacts. Both sides expressed determination and agreed to deepen diplomatic ties and cooperation in multi-domains to further cement Pakistan’s and Mexico’s relations.

Pakistan and Mexico continue to become better friends. Ambassador Shozab Abbas is leading the way in building strong relations between the two nations. Pakistan and Mexico cooperate in trade, culture, and other vital areas. Both countries have committed to making a positive relationship for the future: the ongoing efforts to flourish the partnership and mutual prosperity between Pakistan and Mexico.

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